My everyday tasks

(Felicitas, Dolni Radechova)

Today I want to give a general overview of my everyday activities. What I do exactly, I want to write in seperate blog posts.

For instance I help the teachers in the lessons. In English, we sometimes divide the class in two groups, I’m with one group and the teacher is with the other. In a circle, we practice pronunciation or do tasks like forming „Do or Does” Questions. In the lessons I also walk around and support children who need help individually. Sometimes I also prepare own activities at home. In maths I correct the tasks of the children.

Another main task is to help the school pedagogue preparing activities, for example for Thursdays, where is an English learning activity in the after school club or for Fridays, for the special activity. Here I can often become very creative, because usually I have to draw or design something, but sometimes I also cut things out or  write a text. It is always something different.

In the after school club I play with the children. For example I draw for and with them or play board games, but they have a lot of ideas and games so it is often something new.

I am also active at school events like Halloween or Christmas.

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