Healthy cooking with children in Základní škola Nové Město nad Metují (part 1)

Every Wednesday there is a cooking club in Komenskeho school in Nové Město nad Metují for little children, which I join every second week. On 2nd of November I could prepare a recipe for the club. I decided to do something easy and healthy, which is also new for them – a Buckwheat salad. You just mix for it cooked Buckwheat and salad, cucumber, tomatoes, Balkan cheese, spices (basil, pepper, salt), oil and vinegar together. So I prepared the Buckwheat and the children could cut the vegetables and cheese and mix in the end the ingredients. In the end I just added the spices, oil and vinegar to show them how much they need when they do it on their own and how it should taste. The children really liked this dish and were curious in it, because it was something new for them. It was also part of my Miniproject – take care of you and your world which is about showing the students a healthy and environmentalfriendly lifestyle with fun.


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