We are five volunteers that are working in different schools for our hosting organization Déčko. The schools are located in Nachod and its surrounding villages. The children we work with are between the age of 6 and 15 and we support them in several different subjects, such as English, Sport, Arts and German.

This is us:

Hello 🙂 My name is Susanne Müller. I am 18 years old and come from Germany in the near of Stuttgart. Here in the Czech Republic, I do a European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the schools ZS Komenskeho in Nove Mesto nad Metuji and in Krcin. In addition to that, I work sometimes in Decko in Nachod. In future, you will see more about my project through this blog.
I decided to do the EVS because I wanted a break after my A-levels to think about what I want to do in future and what I want to study. But I also wanted to volunteer and give something to the people. Why the Czech Republic? – The project sounded great and as I read more about the Czech Republic I got really interested in it.
My hobbies are sports like judo, hiking, biking and skiing. Moreover, I like to read and cook.


Labas! I’m Ineta Gričiūtė from Lithuania. Now I’m doing EVS (European Volunteer Service) in the Czech Republic. I’m nineteen-year-old Lithuanian girl. I am big Harry Potter fan, book warm and cooking lover. A lot of people were surprised when I choose not to study and take a gap year for volunteering.  I did it because I was lost and didn’t know what to do directly after A-levels. EVS as a solution came really fast. I wanted to see the World, different culture and try something new. Why Czech? I fall in love with this project. I really love kids and be with them, see how they grow. Dečko project was the best from all in my eyes.


Hello! Ahoj! Tere!

My name is Laura. I am 23 years old girl from Estonia. Before joining EVS family I was studying in Estonian IT college but at the moment this wasn’t exciting enough to keep me working there so I have decided to do some voluntary work and come to this amazing place you call Nàchod. I don’t have specific hobbies, but I like to do different kinds of things. For example if someone is willing to teach me how to play flute I’m most certainly in for that. Right now I am learning how to play guitar, last year I was practising Muay Thai, before that I have played football and basketball for a short period of time. And although I haven’t traveled much yet, I like it very much and hopefully will get more opportunities to see our world, learn about different cultures and people and educate myself in this way.

3 : 4 Hochformat

Hello! I am Felicitas from Germany. I’m 20 years old and I graduated school in summer 2016. Since September I am doing an EVS in the Czech republic, in my project I work in a school in Dolni Radechova. More Information about my work I will give you in my blog. There were many reasons why I decided to do an EVS. For example, I wanted to make new experiences and to learn about a different culture. I also wanted to find out what I could study in future and improve my language skills. I learn so much here everyday. In my free time I love reading, doing sports, spending time with my friends and travelling.



my name is Niklas. I am a european volunteer in Náchod, Czech Republic. My task is to help teachers in their lessons. I do that at the elementary school Plhov. My project started in September and will go for one full year. I attend German- , English- , PE-  and Art-lessons.

I chose the Czech Republic because the project spoke to me. I always enjoyed teaching. That’s why I chose this project.14712739_10208362222072357_2854116282192833021_o